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What We Offer


Classroom Demonstrations provide an effective way to help students grasp important math concepts and principles using any set of math standards. Our consultants work directly within your classrooms to demonstrate various strategies employing visual models to illustrate complex math concepts and principles.


Coaching sessions allow teachers to practice using tools and strategies explored in a bby PD session while being observed by one of our professional consultants. The session is then followed by debriefing and support from our consultants who share suggestions and celebrations with the teacher.


A variety of advisory services, based on your specific needs, are provided through bby Publications, including Combination School/Workshop Consultations, District Consultations, Individual Teacher or Small Group Consultations, and Development of Internal Leadership.


Math Nights provide hands-on learning opportunities for children, parents, and other stakeholders. Our consultants work with you to select a math topic that is a perfect match for your kids and their guests.


bby Publications offers training on specific topics, such as Multiplication/Division, Number Literacy, Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Data Analysis and Probability, Money, and Algebraic Thinking, or we can design customized PD training to address your current needs.


Our consultants work alongside your staff through the process of aligning your existing curricula and any standards, both vertically across the grade levels and horizontally within each grade level, with bby strategies to ensure concepts and teaching strategies are linked in a spiraling effect through the development of a unique 5-year plan that is reflective your school and its goals.

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I have used bby products for five or more years. I love bby products! What I have used most is: What’s My Place? What’s My Value?, Time Bait, Multiplication and Division Fact Bait, Fraction Bait, and the Shape Baits. These baits are great for morning warm-ups or to build a whole daily lesson. The baits build from day-to-day and pattern-to-pattern in relation to complexity. The work and thinking helps my students grow and think more deeply in math concepts. The books and strategies are informative, teacher-friendly, and student friendly. I highly recommend bby products!

Laurie Legg, Third Grade Teacher
Laurie Legg, Third Grade Teacher South McKeel Academy, Lakeland, FL

bby Publications’ professional development and resources opened up the world of mathematics for our district! The visual strategies, models, and resources have helped us develop a strong number sense background for students. We, as adult learners, as well as our students can think more flexibly about numbers and transfer that understanding to diverse problem-solving situations. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard from teachers "I wish I was taught this way." This has been some of the best professional development in our district and bby Publications has been stellar at individualizing service to fit our needs. Thank you so much bby Publications for expanding our knowledge and for the robust resources that fit fluidly into any curriculum!

Sonya Tysdal, Curriculum Director/Math Coach
Sonya Tysdal, Curriculum Director/Math Coach Weston County School District #1, New Castle, WY

With the use of bby training and materials, I am excited to share our preliminary data suggests our bottom 25% math learning gains will increase 33% over last years on the FSA high stakes test. My teachers enjoyed the vast knowledge and deep desire to help teachers teach mathematical concepts effectively that was demonstrated by the consultant.

Matt Burkett, Principal
Matt Burkett, Principal Lake Alfred Elementary, Polk County Schools, Florida