Musical “Array”ngements Album



This collection of songs includes remixes of select favorites from the original Musical ‘Array’ngements CD along with several new selections. These catchy, peppy, skip counting songs help children learn the counting pattern sequences from 1-10 and 25. Easily-recalled, the fun tunes set the foundation for many math concepts such as:

  • multiplication and division facts
  • rates, ratios, and proportions
  • common denominators and equivalent fractions
  • counting collections of coins
  • algebraic reasoning

These songs will fill the heart with joy and the mind with number patterns…resulting in happy, successful, young mathematicians!

The following teaching materials, available from bby Publications at UWA, compliment this collection of songs:

  • Curiosity Bait: Multiplication & Division Fact Bait
  • Multiples Magnets
  • I Can See It! Multiplication & Division Fact Fluency Flash Cards
  • PPDL47 Partitioning Rectangular Arrays into Squares, Columns & Rows
  • PPDL49 Using Multiples to Develop Multiplication Fact Fluency
  • PPDL52 Skip Counting Sequences 1-10
  • PPDL53 Modeling Multiplication and Division Facts through 100


Grades K-5

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