Reading and Writing The Language of Numbers



Reading and Writing The Language of Numbers is a daily routine that draws upon the child’s ability to think visually by using grids and dots to form visual images of mathematical concepts and processes. Appropriate for grades K and higher, this large group routine helps teachers model the correct use of the written language of mathematics in a constructive, visual context. This 10 minute routine is effective for use with primary and intermediate learners, English speakers and non-English speakers, and children with special learning problems needing visual support. This 320-page book contains:

  • practical directions for implementation at all grade levels
  • reproducible, demonstration blackline masters for large group displays
  • teaching suggestions
  • reproducible, demonstration blackline masters for individual work logs and journaling
  • practical, teacher-tested methods for monitoring growth

Use this easy routine to:

  • introduce new concepts
  • reinforce basic concepts
  • add meaning to traditional number sentences
  • be a source of assessment possibilities
  • add rigor for your advanced students
  • make word problems more accessible to your children with the visual support given
  • provide practice for those who need to “see” a concept
  • individualize to meet the needs of your children
  • make Common Core Alignments come to life

Grades K-6

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